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Twin baby strollers

Twin baby strollers

Twin strollers

Twin strollers, choose the perfect one for your babies

When we expect a baby, one of the most exciting moments is the day we perform the first ultrasound. Once verified that everything is fine we can receive a surprise, as they tell us that we expect two babies. Although once the news is assimilated will produce happiness, it is true that we think we will have to buy twice as much. However, in the case of twin strollers it will be enough with one, we tell you about this essential purchase

Twin strollers are not all the same

Thinking about walking with a twin stroller can seem a tedious task, since it can be very big, very heavy or difficult to fold. We even considered if it will enter the trunk of our car.

But do not be scared, it is true that in the market we find twin trolleys of all kinds and some very complicated to drive, but we also have others that are very comfortable and practical.

Before deciding on a twin trolley we must ask ourselves what we are really looking for. There are some that are larger than those that can be attached first a carrycot and later the chair, but there are others that come with two chairs that have adapters so you can ride the babies from the first day.

Formats of twin strollers

When choosing the format you have to keep in mind that there are different options depending on the position you want the babies to have. It can be in tandem, that is to say when the seats are in line, being able to look both forward, towards the parents or perhaps one child to another.

There is also the possibility that the chairs go in parallel. They are wider, so sometimes they can be more complicated to move, especially in areas with little width.

In both cases we can find ourselves with the problem that they do not fit in the elevators, let's make sure that this does not happen mainly in the ones we use the most, such as our house or that of our grandparents.

Twin Strollers by OriginalBaby

In OriginalBaby you will find a wide assortment of baby strollers for you to choose the one that best suits your conditions, in addition you have different designs to choose the ideal for your little ones.

Of course, some are also suitable for siblings a few years apart, so you can walk them together.

Now you just have to choose the right model.

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