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Baby Safety

Security for your baby

With the arrival of a baby it is very important that we take measures specially adapted to ensure the safety of the baby from birth.

Baby monitor

It is a very practical accessory when we have a baby, and thanks to the baby monitor baby we can meet and watch without being constantly at his side.

We just have to place the monitor in his room and direct it towards the cradle to see if your picture or hear cries although we are in another room of the house.

Security bar

It is designed to prevent your child has access to certain parts of the house that could be dangerous for him, such as doors or stairs.
It has a hinged door to allow passage of adult and has the advantage that you can add new extensions to expand the coverage area.

Multipurpose close

It serves to prevent the child can open drawers or cabinet doors, thus avoiding that it can take a dangerous object and the fingers caught.

Blanking Plugs

One of the most common accidents is that the child put fingers into a socket, which can have very serious consequences. To prevent it from happening is necessary to place caps on each plug, which can easily be removed anytime use.

Door Stop

It serves to prevent the door from closing unexpectedly catching your child's fingers.

Brand: Saro
Baby Control TV 2.5 "SARO. Thanks to its infrared you see your baby even without light. Color display 2.5 'TFT 2.4 GHz allows high image quality. Camera and monitor can be plugged comfortably to the network. infrared technology that can capture images in dimly lit areas. with cable TV connection, ca..
Brand: Miniland
300m range, digital technology without interference, bidireccion to see hear and talk to your baby, LCD 3.5 "screen, camera with night vision and nightlight, 3 melodies audio, sound-activated, 4 channels to connect up to 4 camera, tripod that facilitates camera placement on any surface, tape transpo..
Brand: Jané
Super Jané baby monitor brand, model Synchro Bit.Tiene a large transmission range (200 meters in open space) Practical baby monitors model Jané Sincro bit with it can control your baby at all times, also has a powerful transmission (200 meters in open space) have availability of frequency change ant..
Brand: Philips Avent
Super camera monitor with Philips brand Avent.Además to enjoy a perfect sound quality, you can now see the baby day and night. With a range of 150 m, this monitor is fully portable and easy to usar.Con a range of 150 m. Our digital baby monitor camera are completely portable and very simple to use, ..
Cap plugs (5 units)
-50 %
Brand: Saro
Set protective caps for plugs brand Saro Baby.¿Por what to buy covers for outlets? To prevent the baby can introduce your fingers or any other object in the enchufes.Es must always ensure baby's safety to avoid accidents , especially when they start to crawl or move by itself...
£5.70 £11.40
Brand: Philips Avent
The Philips AVENT digital technology allows you to keep in touch with your baby at all times. In addition to a perfect sound quality, you can now see your baby razor sharp, both day and night. With a range of 150 m. Our digital baby monitor camera are completely portable and very simple to use, so y..
Practical interphone monitors babies with 3.5 inch digital model Synchro Innovations MS. With it you can watch and listen to your baby while sleeping in her room. ténicas intercom features: Autonomy of 300 linear meters range Display LCD 3.5 '' infrared night vision 4-channel microphone connection H..
Multipurpose close Saro
-51 %
Brand: Saro
Practical safety lock for locking the opening, eg cupboards or drawers. Why buy a multipurpose closure? Because it is a very useful accessory to prevent the baby can catch your fingers or can access any object that could be dangerous for him. It is a plastic closure that can be opened and closed. Th..
£6.05 £12.28
Brand: Summer Infant
Funny shaped stuffed elephant with musical projector model built Eddie the Elephant Summer Infant. You have 3 options to project light blue, green and amber perfect for entertaining and relaxing our baby when in his crib. Projector features: - blue, green and love with projection moons and stars - A..
Brand: Philips Avent
The new range of Philips AVENT Analogue monitor that offers ultra claroconn sound volume control, sound activated lights and indicators and low baería connection, to be sure when your baby needs to know. Ultra Clear sound: Adjustable Settings to help eliminate interference channels (2 channels) Anal..
Brand: Philips Avent
Philips AVENT baby monitor SCD580 / 00 provides comfort and total peace of mind for you and your baby. It provides the most reliable connection jubto with different functions of tranquility. Your baby will love the colors projections nightlight. Zero interference and private connection: DECT technol..
Safety barrier metal door model Jim
-53 %
Brand: Happy Way
Barrier designed to limit children's access to certain areas of home such as doors, stairwells or other openings. It has hinged door for easy access to your caregiver. The dimensions of the barrier ranging from 71 to 81 cm. Features: Suitable for babies 6 to 24 months old. Complies with UNE EN 1930:..
£39.46 £83.30
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