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Room Accessories

Room Accessories

Baby room accessories in OriginalBaby

When you are expecting a child something that makes us very excited is preparing his room, we invested in this much time and effort so that everything is ready when you arrive. Here we show a few accessories for the baby’s room will be very useful.


Baby Room Accessories

Lets look at some of the baby room accessories that can be found in OriginalBaby:

·            Photo album

There are many photographs that we will make our son, ideal to have on hand the more special it is to have an album to sort.

·            Rings for crib

These types of rings are prepared so that they can adapt to any crib or park and are very resistant. They are prepared to help the baby to her feet, thus stimulating their motor skills. They're a great help to strengthen your muscles and to go gradually acquiring the necessary skills to stand.

·            Nursing pillow

We spend a number of hours breastfeeding or bottle feeding our son, so do not properly end up resenting our back greatly. Something that will help us avoid this is to use a nursing pillow. But it has a dual function because if we put its case we can use the cushion as a hammock as it has a safety harness. They come with different patterns and fabric is elastic and is filled with micro spheres so that your child is comfortable at all times. You can remove the cover to wash it, so that it is always perfect.

·            Mattress protector

Having a mattress protector is essential to avoid damage by different spots will suffer. It has two parts, a waterproof plastic and the other of a toweling which is very absorbent.

·            Anti-fear light

Many children are afraid to sleep in total darkness, for they will help to have an anti-fier light. You can find them in the form of animal that your child can get even in bed.

·            Measurer

A bear shaped meter will come in handy when keeping track of how your baby grows, while it is also a decorative element.


No doubt you have many possibilities to complete your child's room, Find them in OriginalBaby.

Brand: Saro
Beautiful and practical meter with which you can monitor progress in the growth of your child. It is made of fabric and is shaped teddy bear. It includes meter and meter sticks stuffed with its Velcro to indicate the height of the child. An original accessory to decorate the room. Measurement: 116 c..
Brand: Saro
Super child growth meter mark Saro Classic.Este model is beige and sky blue and soft squishy, ​​shaped like a teddy bear. Why buy a child meter? Because it is a practical and fun way to measure progress in growing our niño.Para to mark the growth, the meter has a velcro strap with a small teddy bear..
Corner protector (4 pcs)
-46 %
Brand: Saro
Set of corner protectors to prevent children can give blows to the corners of furniture, tables, etc. (Set 4 covers)..
£6.13 £11.40
light anti fears Animalitos
-48 %
Brand: Saro
Portable light practice antimiedos shaped animal that emits a faint light of different colors. Why buy a antimiedos light? Because it is a very practical accessory that we can get a light safe environment to use as a nightlight when the baby starts to sleep alone or to watch when you're in your room..
£10.08 £19.29
Brand: Summer Infant
Funny shaped stuffed elephant with musical projector model built Eddie the Elephant Summer Infant. You have 3 options to project light blue, green and amber perfect for entertaining and relaxing our baby when in his crib. Projector features: - blue, green and love with projection moons and stars - A..
My first ball with musical orange chip
-50 %
Brand: Saro
Ball designed to entertain the baby thanks to its soft and squishy feel and flashy colors in shades of orange. The ball has a musical chip with different melodies to attract baby's attention and stimulate your senses. Dimensions: 14.5 cm diameter..
£12.19 £24.54
My first ball with musical pink chip
-18 %
Brand: Saro
Stuffed with fun ball, ideal to entertain and stimulate baby's senses musical chip. Why buy a musical ball? Because it is a perfect toy for the baby begins to entertain and stimulate your senses with the colors and textures of very soft and squishy balón.Es and also has a musical chip to entertain a..
£12.19 £14.91
Nightlight on / off
-50 %
Brand: Saro
Quitamiedos with practical light button on and off. It is a perfect accessory to help your baby or toddler to sleep by its dim light and, if they wake up in the middle of the night, do not need to turn on the light in the room to stand. It is placed on any electric plug, facing up or down, as desire..
£7.45 £14.91
Nursing pillow beige Teddy
-25 %
Brand: Saro
Saro nursing pillow Classic, practical accessory that fits the body of the mother to breastfeed or bottle by adopting a more comfortable position, you avoid back pain or neck. Uses different pad: +0 months (Breastfeeding): Helps mom to maintain proper posture to nurse your baby, being it at a suitab..
£32.88 £43.75
Nursing pillow pink bunny
-25 %
Brand: Saro
Super cushion white and pink Saro breastfeeding, with embroidery of a cute bunny. Why buy a nursing pillow? Because it is a very useful accessory designed to adopt the correct posture while nursed back or give the baby a bottle, thus avoiding possible backaches. It is also an accessory that can also..
£32.88 £43.75
Rings for crib or MS Innovation Park
-50 %
Rings help the child to stand on its own when in the cradle, park or travel cot. They are very easy to apply and remove. Pack of 4 units with assorted colors...
£7.23 £14.47
Ripple mattress 60 x 120
-40 %
Brand: BabyLine
Practical waterproof and breathable to protect baby crib protector. It is designed for cribs 60 x 120 cm. He has shirring with rubber at the ends in order to fit well on one side and is impermeable plastic and other tissue is very absorbent toweling. Why buy a waterproof protector? Because it is the..
£8.72 £14.47
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