Bath and cares

Bath and cares

Bath & Care

Baby Hygiene is one of the most important in the daily life of our son sections. According to the stages of baby's growth will have to switch from one type of hygiene to another, when they are newborns in the first 24 hours, cleaning must be indispensable as a baby's skin is not yet fully developed, and maintains the fat was in the womb, there to wait for him to go slowly removing, or to absorb it.

Bath time for the baby 

When your child is older and we can fully bathe him we will have to choose a bathtub more comfortable and better suited to our schedules to bathe our baby. We can choose baby baths, which have different designs to meet the needs of parents, such as having the legs to place high above the bidet. We can choose a bathroom support, and so wash our baby in the bath house.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of accessories to help at bath time, from chairs and gearboxes for the bath to hygiene products like sponges, brushes and everything you need for proper hygiene of your child.