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Bag for stroller Stars

Sack chair ride Stars
Sack chair ride Stars
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Sack chair ride Stars
Sack chair ride Stars
Bag for stroller Stars
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Fantastic universal bag winter collection Babyline.Es Stars model heather gray color with black drawing of a star on the top of the leg cover and base color with black star print inside the bag blanco.El color is full fleece made so that the baby does not get cold in invierno.El footmuffs has removable zippers to remove it and use only the base of the bag as founded on the days you do not so cold. His measure is universal and at the back has tape and elastic to adjust smoothly to the chair paseo.Incorpora 3D grid at the back of the bag to promote proper transpiration tejidos.Incluye cubrearnés with Velcro closure game with sack of gifts. Sac measures: 90 x 55 cmComposición tissue:

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