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When a baby is born in our environment of friends or in the family, we always want to make gifts that are both original and practical but still beautiful. The moments where a gift is necessary for the baby are at birth, baptism or on the first birthday. They must be gifts that are safe, unique and unrepeatable.

The baby's diaries are a nice gift, since in their pages we can leave written all the important moments of the baby. The silver frames to put the best pictures of your baby, can be engraved with the name and date with laser engraving that will be very refined.

All the details in silver are very requested for this type of gifts and events, like the tweezers to hold the pacifier, which we have in blue, white or pink colors and with silver detail. One of our flagship products are the silver shells for baptism, since in addition to being very beautiful, they can be personalized with laser engraving with the date and name of the baby.

Letto Portabiberón Stone
New -20 %
Brand: BabyLine
Bottle holder made of top quality poly styled to match other accessories like bag, toiletry bag and basket for car paseo.Ideal for others jutno gift complementosComposición skin: 100% polipielMedidas: 24 * 10 * 6 cmFabricado 100% in Spain..
£11.22 £14.03
Brand: Regalo bebé
decorative medallion blue sky ideal for decorating the crib or baby stroller. It is decorated with an embossed child. It has different melodies of lullabies (sound is activated by pressing the medallion) medallion measures 12 x 10 cm approx. (If you want you can order custom medallion with the baby'..
Baptismal shell bathed in silver
-34 %
Brand: Regalo bebé
Nice cover for the baptism of the baby. It is the perfect and elegant for dads who want to baptize their baby gift. Silver, presented in a handy carrying case and the possibility to personalize it with the baby's name laser engraved. Shell measures: Width: 11 cm Height: 14 cm Imported from Italy..
£23.24 £34.98
Baptismal shell with silver plated cross
-39 %
Brand: Regalo bebé
Beautiful shell for baptism baby. It's a nice gift to remember for dads who want to baptize their baby. It is silver plated and comes presented in a handy carrying case. If you want an even more original memory, you can order personalized with baby's name laser engraved. Imported from Italy. Shell m..
£21.48 £34.98
Brand: BabyLine
Gifts - Ballpoint memory of your baby pen Super high quality brand Balenciaga. It is perfect to give to parents before the arrival of a baby. It comes in a nice box with decorative bow. This pen can be customized with laser engraved, for example, with the baby's name, to be a totally unique gift...
Carrying case and pink pacifiers silver clip
-50 %
Brand: Regalo bebé
Beautiful case to keep your baby's pacifier, the box is plastic baby pink and has a nice drawing of a teddy embossed in silver. It includes a matching clip to hold the baby pacifier and avoid falling down or you can lose. It is an ideal gift that you can also request customized with baby's name lase..
£17.45 £34.98
Carrying Case pacifiers and blue silver clip
-50 %
Brand: Regalo bebé
Portachupetes nice plastic light blue with a cute bear applique on plata.¿Por why buy a portachupetes? To save the pacifier and avoid being lost or fall to the ground. A nice gift you can order personalized with baby's name laser engraved...
£17.45 £34.98
Case 4 covered and Concha
-20 %
Brand: Regalo bebé
Nice gift set consists of 4 stainless steel cutlery and a lovely silver shell. The set consists of: Spoon Fork Knife Spoon largest small Silver Shell is perfect for a baptism or at the birth of a baby gift. If you want you can get an even more exclusive gift recording the silver shell with the baby'..
£34.98 £43.83
Brand: BabyLine
Tundosado soft cushion made with fabric (same fabric used in the stuffed animals), that's what makes it very nice for the baby by his touch and softness. Place your order and send us an email with the photo you want to print. (Optionally you can opt to try tweaking the picture to make it perfect on ..
Daily baby blue teddy
-49 %
Brand: Regalo bebé
Beautiful book in which we can write the memories, dates or most significant moments of our baby from the day of his birth. Bookbinding is similar leather baby blue with a beautiful silver bear. If you want you can order your book with the baby's name laser engraved...
£17.97 £34.98
Brand: Regalo bebé
Baby Diary, a beautiful book in which to write all anédotas your baby. Presented in simil leather with silver animal that decorates the cover. You can customize the album with the name or date of birth of your baby laser engraving. This is a fantastic gift for dads, have an original detail and perso..
Brand: Regalo bebé
Great kids portafotos leatherette frame baby pink with white polka dots. The frame is decorated on one of its corners with a silver apply in child deer. Why buy a portafotos frame? Because it is an ideal gift that can give for a baptism or birth of a baby, you can also request customized with baby's..
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